why I started this blog?

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I started this blog as i love to read, and would love somewhere to post  about books and my reviews and be able to connect with other book lovers.


Top 6 favourite books of 2018

1 Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira

2 One of us Is Lying by Karen M Mcmanus

3 In search of Us by Ava Dellaira

4 Nevermoor book 1 The  Trials of Morrigan Crow by  Jessica Townsend

5 Legendary book 2  in the Caraval series  by Stephaine Garber

6 Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

About me

My name is Samantha Lewis I am 30 years old married to my best friend and soul mate. Been with my wife for 8 years and married for 6years. We have two beautiful fur babies.  For me growing up my love for books grew with me into adulthood I absolutely love books if I could I would have a library in my house like the one from Beauty and the Beast. For me, reading is like going on an adventure into a different world and being a different person or character for a while and leaving the real world and escaping for a bit. Reading is all about visualizing the story and painting a picture with your mind, it makes it more real when you are reading the book or series. I love to read books that are series especially one after the other, but then stand-alone books are just as intriguing depends on the story and genre.

A little bit more about me  I am deaf I lost my hearing completely when I was 30, I just finished studying my level 4 Sign language course. Would love to help deaf people in the future or teach Sign language. So for me when I am reading I like to envision the place that I am reading about and become the character, it is like being on a rollercoaster of emotions.

A big harry potter fan if I could I would live at Hogwarts proud RAVENCLAW  Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

My goal for the future is to become a book blogger and maybe teach Sign Language and start a family with the love of my life.

That’s all, for now, hope to see you all on my blog hope you enjoy my posts.

P.S. I run an online book club with my wife on facebook which is called Bookclub to read is a great adventure.

Samantha Lewis



Online Bookclub on Facebook called- To read is a great adventure

Me and my wife opened an online bookclub on facebook which is a very friendly and welcoming group to all.

each month we have a book of the month chosen by myself or my wife Amanda we then set a date and time for us to meet on the group to discuss the book of the month.

on the set date and time we will go live and do a live discussion of the book of the month and have a chat. At the end of the live Amanda will do a competition where you can win prizes.

please feel to join the group and join in the fun

Cinder The Lunar Chronicles Book 1 by Marissa Meyer

Cinder The Lunar Chronicles book 1

I love how the book took the Cinderella story and made it in to retelling using a cyborg as Cinderella.

It is nice way the book keeps you wondering what is going to happen.

You get so involved with the characters I wish i had read the book sooner.

I so want to read Scarlet now and continue.

Within the book there are so many different aspects for example science fiction meets Fairytale nice twist.

I also  found the book had meanings as well if you look hard enough great work on this book can’t wait to read others.

Feast Of Fools The Morganville vampire series Book 4 by Rachel Caine

Feast Of Fools  The Morganville vampires series book 4

This series just keeps getting better and you get to meet new characters within the story.

The story just gets bigger and more details just keeps coming .

you feel more involved with this world.

you will never want to leave this world or the characters behind.

I love the work from Rachel Caine

Midnight Alley The Morganville Vampire series Book 3 by Rachel Caine

In this book Claire is put under a lot of pressure in this series makes you want to read more.

be prepared to be up most of the night on the edge of your seat.

Some of the twist and turns will leave you gob smacked and leaving you wanting more.

love all the characters in this series.

The Dead Girl’s Dance Book 2 by Rachel Caine

The Dead Girl’s  Dance

This book was just as action packed and fast paced  you get to know the characters in more details.

So much goes on in the book that you are left sat on the edge of your seat and wanting more .

You are drawn into a world where you are not going to leave.

when  you read this book it feels so real when reading.

I never want this world to stop